From his mother being abducted at two-years-old, being raised without a father and being homeless, Collins has made his mess his message as he has grown into one of Arizona’s top hip-hop artists.

The epitome of overcoming adversity since his inception, Collins’ word has been his wand as he has created #1 hit after #1 hit in Arizona all while giving back to the community through his charity and speaking to youth in the community.

A true artist, he is a musical chameleon with songs that uplift the world, tear up clubs and can turn the lights down. He uses incredible narratives, prodigious poetry and a special creativity to turn out music cultivating a unique sound that appeals to the masses while speaking to your soul

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  • #1 Album of 2016 by Arizona Artist (Phoenix New Times)
  • #1 on top Phoenix hip-hop station Power 98.3 with “Possible” and “Light Work”
  • #1 song on Spotify & Shazam in Phoenix twice
  • Last Album debuted in Top 40 on iTunes charts